reorderPlugins v 1.1

Beschreibung: reorderPlugins v 1.1Use this program to change the order in which your Morrowind plugins (.esp or.esm files) are loaded. Normally you have to use the Elder Scrolls Construction Set to set which plugin is loaded last, this lets you rearrange your plugins in any order you wish, and quickly!How to run:Run the reorderPlugins.bat program. The program will try to locate where your plugins are, and list them in their current load order. You can then select a file and change its position using the "up" and "down" buttons. When you have finished selecting the order in which you would like your plugins to be loaded, press the "ok" button, and the timestamps of the files will be changed so they will load in the correct order.You will need Java installed on your computer for the program to run. The program has only been tested with Sun's Java 1.4.2, but it should work with earlier versions. Java can be downloaded from program is provided free, as is, with no support available. Anything nasty it may do to your computer is your problem. The source code is also provided, with no restrictions and no support; feel free to do with it what you want.NOTE: It is highly suggested that if you reorder your esm files you re-reorder your esp files, as esp reordering is based off the timestamps of your esm files.Revision history:1.1: Added esm reordering1.0: esp reorderingby Bingo the Clown


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