TESRename v1.05

Beschreibung: TESRename v1.05 by ghostwheelJanuary 15, 2004SUMMARY-------TESRename is a utility developed for the TES3 Morrowind modders. Itcan be used to rename icon, texture and mesh(NIF) files, updatecorresponding references in the NIF/ESM/ESP files, generate usagereports for resource files (icons, textures and meshes) and packageupdated resources files into the BSA archive.LIMITATIONS AND ASSUMPTIONS---------------------------1) If NIF file references bmp/tga texture, but there is a renameddds texture with same filename, bmp/tga reference will be updatedwith the renamed dds texture reference.2) When updating ESM/ESP files, only following fields will be updated:- MODL field on any object that has reference to the NIF file- ITEX field on any object that has reference to the icon file- PTEX field on any object that has reference to the particle texture- DATA field on LTEX object (landscape texture)- TNAM field on BSGN object (birthsign texture)It is my assumption that those fields cover all possible icon, textureand NIF file references in the ESM/ESP file.3) Program should handle up to 25000 files of one type (icons, meshes,textures or NIFs).4) IMPORTANT! Some standard textures and meshes (like magicitem/*.dds,water/*.dds, bloodsplat.nif, menu_*.nif, etc) ARE NOT REFERENCED byany ESP/ESM file (including morrowind.esm). They are either hard codedinside MOrrowind.exe or mentioned in the morrowind.ini. Utility will(incorrectly) identify such files as NOT USED! So, if you decided touse this utility to clean your Data Files\ directory, be EXTRA CAREFUL.FUNCTIONS---------TESRename can perform following functions:1) scan provided icon, texture, NIF and ESM/ESP files and buildconfiguration template file. This file then can be edited with anytext editor to rename certain files and to check what files are notreferenced.2) rename texture and NIF files according to the modified configurationfile and update appropriate references in the NIF/ESM/ESP files.3) delete all icon, texture or NIF files that are not referenced (directlyor indirectly) inside provided ESM/ESP files.4) Generate usage report to show what resource files (icons, textures ormeshes) are used by what files.5) Package icon, texture and mesh files into the BSA archive.USAGE INSTRUCTIONS------------------Utility expects certain folder structure. So:a) Create temporary folder and copy TESRename.exe into this folder.b) VERY IMPORTANT! Create subfolders Icons, Textures, Meshes and Plugins.c) Copy all NIF files into the Meshes folder, preserving their directorystructure (if NIF file was inside BP subfolder, then create suchsubfolder in the Meshes folder and copy NIF there)d) Copy all texture files (preferably already converted to DDS format)into the Textures folder, again preserving their internal directorystructure.e) Copy all icon files into the Icons folder (also preserving directorystructure).f) Copy all ESM/ESP files that rely on this models directly into Pluginsfolder - do not create any subfolders there.g) Go to the temporary folder (so it will become current) and run a program.You will be presented with the dialog that has 5 buttons. Each buttonperforms single function. Usually, at first, we need to scan all files andbuild initial configuration file. You can do this by pressing buttonGenerate configuration templateand entering name for the configuration file that will be created. Now opencreated file in the text editor (Notepad if you dont have anything better).It contains multiple lines of the following format:file_name same_file_name ; number of referencesFirst look for non-referenced files. If you want, you can remove them fromresource folders (best way to do this is to use "Delete unused files"function) and regenerate configuration file. If not, proceed to modifyrecords to give some (or all) files new names. You canalso move them to different subfolders by specifying path inside new name.NB! If file name contains spaces, it should be surrounded with quotes(").Also all file names should be less than 32 characters long. Thatincludes path, if you moving file to the subfolder.Once configuration file is updated and saved, it is time to use TESRenameagain. Press button:Rename/move filesand select updated configuration file. Utility will then perform followingsteps:- rename all icon files according to the configuration file- rename all texture files according to the configuration file- update texture references in all NIF files where necessary- rename all NIF files according to the configuration file- update icon, texture and NIF references in all ESM/ESP files where necessaryAt any moment you can also use other TESRename functions. For example, inorder to see where all those references come from in the generated configurationfile or to see list of resources, not used by plugins, press button:Create resource usage reportand select name for the report text file. Inside report file you will finda list of unused resources and a record for each resource file (icon, textureor mesh), followed by filenames where it is found (for ESM/ESP files recordid is also provided).To quickly remove all resource files that not referenced in the ESP/ESM files,execute following command:Delete unused filesYou can check log file (tesrename.log) for the file names that were deleted.Finally, if you want to package all files inside Icons, Textures and Meshes foldersinto the BSA archive (once you done renaming them), you can do it by pressing:Create BSA archiveThat's it for functions.Also, after all destructive operations (operations that delete, rename, modify orcreate new files), you can always check log file tesrename.log to see what kindof actions were performed. And I am sure that you have copies of original files,just in case if utility screwed up something.DISCLAIMER----------As usual, utility is provided AS IS. I am not responsible for any actionsperformed by this program or any side effects caused by it. If you'reafraid - then don't use it.SPECIAL THANKS--------------Special thanks goes to the Dave Humphrey for the excellent NIFTexture source,that gave me insight into the NIF file structure.HISTORY-------1.05 Increased maximum number of files, handled by programImproved performanceUtility now correctly identifies alternative DDS files for icons as well1.02 Fixed bug with NIF files incorrectly referencing textures inside subfolders.1.01 Minor interface enhancements.1.0 Initial release


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