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Beschreibung: Savegame Manager----------------This readme is fairly out of date, it was made back in version 0.7.x, or around there. I find that that programfairly self-explanatory, but I'll leave that there incase someone needs a little bit of a pointer. If anyonewants to create a decent readme file for this, please do, I'll give full credit for it! ;)This is the final build for a little while. As of yet, this will only work with games that have a seperatedirectory for their saves. It CANNOT be used with a game that has game-required files, inside the savegamefolder! Repeat: It will NOT work ;)i.e. if you savegames are say, savegame00.sav, etc, and it's in the same directory as your game exe. Do NOTchoose the main game folder as your savegame folder! Because this will move ALL files in the savegame folderto the backup\ folder, INCLUDING your game executable and whatnot!I plan on adding support, so that you can give it specific files to back up, or certain extensions in a folder,but that won't be for a little bit. I've converted the program from using the bloated windows registry, to usingit's own configuration file, and I've added support for multiple games. So it's even more usefull than ever!I released this as opensource, and it's distributed under the GPL GNU license. The project site is on sourceforgeat's usually out of date, but I'll upload this version to it. Any ideas, comments, request, can be emailed toLormanthe@Hotmail.Com, just make sure to include Savegame Manager in the subject, so I don't think it's spam.Hope this is useful to you! (And, as a side note, BACK UP YOUR SAVES!!! For the first time you run this, just incase. If it works for you the first time, then it should work every other time. I haven't had any issues, and asfar as I know, I've fixed all the bugs and glitches in it. And made it user-friendly. Enjoy!)-Aaryn Bryantonaka. TyliusConfiguration----If certain values aren't in the registry, the program will force the configuration dialog and ask you to inputthe values.1. Set the game name, there's a text box right beside the "Game Name:" label2. Choose the game's savegame directory, click on the [...] beside "Savegame Dir:", and then choose the directorythat the game stores it's saves in (note, this program will *only* work with games that store their savesin a seperate directory, if it stores them in a file, in the main directory of the game, do *NOT* use thisas when backing up the saves, it will move the whole directory to the backup location!(This will be fixed in the future, allowing you to choose what files are to be backed up)3. Choose the backup directory, where the different user's savegames will be backed up to4. Choose the game's executable, this is usually in the game's main directory, though not always5. Add a user, to do this just type in the user's name in the box beside [Add User ->], then click on the button6. Set the current user, click once on a user that's in the listbox, and then click on [Set Current ->]This is just so the program knows who is currently playing the game, this will automatically be changedwhen you load another user in the main program7. Save & Exit! You've finished all the configuration, now time to play the game, when you click on this button,it will close the program & save the configuration. You'll have to run the program again, then it'll beall set up, enjoy!(c) 2004, Aaryn BryantonEmail: lormanthe@hotmail.comThis program is distributed under the GPL license, it's sources and binaries are available at NEED the.NET Framework 2.0 Beta for this to work. History---------------// created on 11/05/2004 at 10:20 PM0.2.0 - Created initial GUI for main and settings0.2.3 - Added browse dialogs for the settings menu, not attached to anything right now0.3.0 - Added skeleton code for the buttons to reference where I want, now I don't have todirectly code using the GUI source code files, I've got seperate ones for each0.3.1 - Added skeleton code for FormMain and FormSettings for initialization code0.3.2 - Removed skeleton code, doesn't work as planned...0.4.0 - Set up Start Game button, ShowSaves(), ClearSaves(), RunCheck(), ForceConfiguration(),LoadVariables(), Configuration button, Load User button, added Set Current userbutton, Backup(), ShowUsers()...0.5.0 - Nothing new, but decided that I finished all the FormMain code, so... it's time fora semi-major version increment! Now on to FormSettings...0.5.1 - Added the Save & Exit button, forgot that...0.5.2 - Implemented ShowUsers(), Remove User button, Add User button,LoadVariables(),SavegameDir button, BackupDir button, GameExe button, Set Current User button,Save & Exit button0.6.0 - Nothing new, but since I've finished all the forms code, it's... BUG TESTING TIME!!!So, therefore, I've decided that bug testing deserves it's own version increment0.6.1 - Bug fix: User wasn't being added to the user list after being created0.6.2 - Bug fix: Instead of listing the user names, it was listing the user number0.6.3 - Feature: Clear txtAddUser after adding a user0.6.4 - Bug fix: Fixed user storage, now just loads the variable storage name, not what itholds0.6.5 - Bug fix: Added check to see if there were any users, if not, ForceConfiguration()0.6.6 - Bug fix: Fixed the problem with choosing the directory for saves and backups...0.6.7 - Code optimization: Only call one function to get the path when choosing Game Exe0.6.8 - Code change: Make the main form invisible when calling ForceConfiguration()0.6.9 - Bug fix: Fixed detection on whether or not users are present0.6.10 - Added: Button to remove all the registry keys for this application0.6.11 - Bug fix: Fixed the display of User Loaded when form is created0.6.12 - Code optimization: Removed code to make main form invis when config'ing, didn't work?0.6.13 - Code optimization(?): Moved the registry modifications into it's own class, easier tochange where the values are stored, etc... If not an optimize, it's still better0.6.14 - Removed the FileSystemUtil class, and am now using my Tools dll0.7.0 - Update Savegame Manager 3 to.NET Framework 2.0 Beta0.7.1 - Updated the ForceConfiguration() code to work better, fixed a crash with set user whenno user was selected, fixed a crash with remove user when no user was selected.Fixed a potential glitch with adding users, involving whitespaces.Changed ForceConfigure() to call the settings window as a dialog.0.7.2 - Made it so the user can't remove the current user if there were other users, fixed upthe code for the settings window, for the remove user button.0.7.3 - Fixed bug where you could load the same character multiple times (resulting in a crash)0.7.4 - *Should* have fixed the working directory bug, haven't tested it out though!0.7.5 - Switched the textbox's in the settings window over to my DLibrary control FileBrowseTextBox,much nicer now! And I enabled typing in those boxes, just to show off the fancy colours!0.7.6 - Added code to ensure only one Savegame Manager is open.0.7.7 - Replaced the file textbox's with the directory browse textbox's, that's how it should've been.0.7.8 - Disabled the texbox for settings, because it's better to use the browse dialogs.0.7.9 - Changed the buttons to use the flat style, it looks nicer.0.7.12 - Made my name clickable, to send an email to me, and put a balloon tooltip over it.0.8.0 - Changed the program to use a configuration file, instead of the registry to store everything,ain't that nice? ;) This is a good thing, because that means... next stop... Multiple gamesupport!!! (Aside from bug fixes when I test this in a minute)0.8.1 - Fixed a bug where you could add multiple users of the same name. Bad idea.0.8.2 - Fixed a bug where you could have your backup directory the same as the savegame directory. Bad.0.8.3 - Fixed a bug where it would say you couldn't have the same backup & savegame dir, if you leftthe textbox's blank0.8.4 - Removed unnecessary checks from the configuration form, new code made it obsolete. Huge bug though,for some odd reason, if you choose a game exe, it won't save ANY settings. I've got no ideawhy though, it works fine for my other programs, so I'm going to have to dig around and figureit out... It doesn't even give any errors, it just... stops anything from saving!0.8.5 - Removed unnecessary variables from the config class, new code replaced it. Figured out the bug fromabove. It's not that it wasn't saving it, when you choose the game exe, windows sets the currentworking directory to where it was, so the program would save the configuration file there. Thiswill be fixed in the next version (I'll work around it)0.8.6 - Fixed the bug where it would save the configuration to the working directory. Also renamed SMRegistryto SMConfig, since it's using a config file instead of the registry.0.8.7 - Fixed bug where if a user's backup folder isn't created, and you try to load him, the program wouldcrash. Now it will just create a blank directory.0.9.0 - Nice little change, I don't know why I never did this before, but I changed it so the program doesn'tneed to be restarted to change the configuration. Geeze, all I had to do was tell it to load thevariables again after configuring. No idea whatsoever what I was thinking when I did that! Now thatthe bug fixes are out of the way, and everything's stable. Multiple-game support! Hopefully ;)1.0.0 Pre-Release 1:Added support for multiple games in the main window, but they have to be created manual for the config, theeditor doesn't support it yet.1.0.0 Final:Integrated the required parts of my DLibrary DLL into the program,so it's only one exe, and the config file it creates.Multi-game support is finished, and there are no known bugs... Enjoy!1.0.1 - Unbelievable that I missed this bug. It was because I never tried running the program without any games.This fixes the bug where if you don't have an ini file created with a game in the games value, itwouldn't run.


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