ES3 Gridmap

Beschreibung: Elder Scrolls 3 - MorrowindWorld Grid Map v1.0I created this map to assist people using the Editor to modify oradd exterior cells. The best way to avoid conflicts between MODsseems to be using cells in the grid that aren't used by the game.The trick is that these cells are not listed in the Cell Viewwindow of the editor by default.You need to pan the view in the Render View window until you getout to an unused cell and then the cell will appear in the CellView window with the name Wilderness. This is by no means theonly way to do exterior cells, but I find it works well.I've included two versions of the map, an Excel Spreadsheet and a.GIF image. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions orcomments.*** You may distribute these files around, and you can modifythem if you wish as long as you give me credit for the original.Thanks,Jonathan D.


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