Beschreibung: Program: mwgfx.dll + mwgfx24.dll (for GUI Dialogs) + mwpng.dll (for PNG read/write) + mwtiff.dll (for TIFF read/write) + mwdds.dll (for DDS and DXT support) + eztw32.dll (for TWAIN facilities) Function: Graphics Loading/Saving/Conversion/Process routines mwgfx supported formats Load & Save BMP,PPM,PGM,PBM,GIF,PNG,TIF,JPG,IFF,R8 Load only PCD,TGA,PCX,RLE4,RLE8Updates (most recent first)01/07/01--------4.00.109 (79k)Added WinImageCrop (mwgfx24.dll) Save in DXT1 Bmp format (using mwdds.dll)28/11/00--------4.00.103 (144k)Added Bmp DXT1 Compressed Read01/08/00--------4.00.102Added Pic_GetSaveFormatxx/xx/xx--------4.00.101 (144k)Bugfix Removed nasty bug in PGM write (crash with images less than 256 pixels wide!)Added Feedback data for Loaded Format Type (allow the saving out in same format without knowing what the format was).....pic->stype. If -1 then is load-only format (PCD,TGA,PCX) 22/12/99--------4.00.100 (144k)Added WindowsNT 32 bit 888 Write Windows Bitmap RLE4/RLE8 Read Error Dialogs when trying to access features in a missing DLL. Pic_Valid routine now checks for the presence of mwpng.dll or mwtiff.dll before validating a PNG or TIF image (introduced because of the number of uploaded programs that just include mwgfx.dll)Changed Changed R8-BMP so it writes the Full FS5 palette but remapping on R8 write is still done on the first 116 colours. Also made it able to write from 16 colour source data.05/12/99--------4.00.99 (140k)Added WindowsNT 16 bit 444 Read & Write WindowsNT 32 bit 888 Read bmpremap(infile,outfile,pic,palettefile)28/11/99--------4.00.97 (140k)Added Better File Parsing so all those R8 files with strange file-extensions can be Read. If no valid file extension found and file is Exactly 64k in size then read as R819/11/99--------4.00.96 (140k)Added 16 bit Windows Bitmap (NT) Write. 24 bit images converted to 16 bit. other images promoted to 24 bit then converted to 16 bit.16/11/99--------4.00.95 (140k) Minor tweaks to trap some illegal 16 bit Bmps14/11/99--------4.00.94 (140k) Skipped several versions here as it was going through a rapid series of experimental changes trying to include the Extended format BMP of CFS and FS2000Added 16 bit Windows Bitmap (NT) Read Good quality colour remapping for R8 write. Image no longer flipped (originally done for my own purposes to allow direct bmp/r8 compatibility)Bugs Not really a bug but altered bmp read so that it is not tripped over by the (illegal) extensions to the format introduced with FS200002/10/99--------4.00.87 (136k)Added Write Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture files .R8 - Image is scaled to 256x256 and flipped (top to bottom) 24bit images are converted to greyscale first remappedBugs Removed the bug introduced in.86 where error-diffused colour reduction failed. 26/09/99--------4.00.86 (136k)Added Write Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture files .R8 - Image is scaled to 256x256 and flipped (top to bottom) 24bit images are converted to greyscale first25/07/99--------4.00.85 (136k)Added Read Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture files .R8 and.?af - only standard 256x256 Images are read correctly. Image is Flipped (top to bottom) when processed (so that, with a bit of hex-editing on the Model file, images can be left in .bmp format)21/04/99--------4.00.81 (136k)Changed Amiga IFF read/write now included in main DLLChanged BIC experimental format removedObsolete mwiff.dll mwbic.dll09/01/99--------4.00.75 (132k)*major changes* combined all the Win95 Gui routines for providing Visual features into a single support dll accessed through mwgfx.dll. Obsolete mwprint.dll mwbrowse.dllNew Gui Features: WinImageShow - Show Image Full Screen WinImagePrint - Print Image WinSlideShow - Slide Show Image directory WinImageAdjust - 24bit BMP Image Adjustment/Preview WinImageCopy - Copy any image to clipboard WinImageSize - Resize ImageAdded: Warm Image (Process 23) Cool Image (Process 24) Highlight Enhance (Process 25) Shadow Enhance (Process 26) Midtone Enhance (Process 27)Added: bmpprocess(file,file,R,G,B,Bright,Contrast) general one-step adjustment of major image features.Added: bmpsharpen(file,file,(float)-9 to +9)25/12/98--------4.00.63 (128k)Added: Equalise Image (Process 19) Convert to Sepia (Process 20) Emboss (Process 21)20/12/98--------4.00.60 (128k)Changed: Convert to Monochrome routine (Process 104) changed to give a better b&w image.Added: Invert Monochrome (Process 105) Progressive Lighten up (Process 10) Red Up/Down (Process 11/14) Green Up/Down (Process 12/15) Blue Up/Down (Process 13/16) Exposure Up/Down (Process 17/18) Preset "Dull Outdoor" (Process 200) Preset "Dull Indoor" (Process 201)15/12/98--------4.00.57 (128k)Added: Support DLL for Amiga IFF ILBM Images (mwiff.dll). Reads - 1-8 and 24 plane plus Ham6 & Ham8 compressed or uncompressed 1 plane read as 2 colour 2-8 plane read as 256 colour Ham6,Ham8 and 24bit read as 24bit Writes - 1 plane for Monochrome Images 4 plane for 16 Colour Images 8 plane for 256 colour Images Ham8 for 24bit Images. (all uncompressed)Added: Image Brightness adjustment up/down (Process 8/9 24bit only).Added: For files with no supported extension (eg files from another platform) will be checked to see if they are really displayable images. This means, for instance, using the Show Slideshow command will display all displayable files - not just the ones with the right extensions (.jpg,.gif etc).Added: Process 105 - Invert Monochrome (2 colour only).Changed: Adjusted the Image Sharpen routine (Process 4) so it is a lot lighter - can be called several times to gradually sharpen an image.Absorbed: The Error Diffused 24bit to 256 colour routine seems ok as a permanent feature (Process 104). 08/12/98--------4.00.56 (128k)BugFix: Finally sorted the 24 bit->256 colour dither routine to provide an acceptably close colour match (the problems I had converting my code originally written in assembler on the Amiga to C++ on the PC!).Added: Error-Diffused 24 bit->256 colour routine. (Currently experimental).28/11/98--------4.00.54 (124k)Changes: Tiff codec will now read and write the Black & white CCITT G3/G4 compression formats (mwtiff.dll from version 4.00.8). It will also allow the reading of XIF format (sort of).Added: Experimental BIC (Best Image Compression) Format added. Currently supports Monochrome (using JBIG compression) and 24bit (using combined downsampling with Packbits and ZLib compression), It will actually read/write 256 colour, Greyscale and 16 colour but the compression isn`t all that good (somewhere between GIF and PNG). **Format subject to change**Added: Rotate routine that can rotate any angle between 0 and 45 deg.26/11/98--------4.00.48 (124k)Added: resize image routine.24/11/98--------4.00.45 (124k)Changes: Save formats will now convert the Pic to a suitable format if necessary. The only save that now brings up a "Sorry" Dialog is when trying to save Black & White images in jpeg. The following Saves will convert the Pic passed. GIF - converts 24bit Pic to 256 colour PBM - converts any Pic to 2 Colour Notes: Changes to the size of struct Pic means that existing programs are not guaranteed to work with the new dll(s) in future (they will for now because the structure extensions have not yet been used). Any new programs or updates will be compatible.21/11/98--------4.00.43 (124k)***Major redesign***New version range***Changes: Tiff and PNG read/write moved from main mwgfx.dll to seperate DLLs (mwtiff.dll & mwpng.dll). These are loaded only when appropriate formats are being read or written. Combined with compiler optimisations this reduces the size of the main dll to 124k from 350k.07/11/98--------4.01.24Added: Twain Access - requires eztw32.dll to be available in windows\System SelectScanSource(HWND), ScanToClipboard(HWND), ScanToFile(HWND,char*),13/10/98--------4.01.10Changed : Altered the 256 colour dithering routine so that colours are closer(!). This gets rid of the slight Greenish tinge that appears on images.08/10/98--------4.01.6Added : New Routine (Pic_Convert) to simplify converting from one format to another.28/08/98--------4.01.5Added : Proper Windows version data (so that version can be checked by right clicking on the file and selecting "Properties"). 10/08/98--------4.01.4Added : Callback function to allow a progress monitor. 05/08/98--------4.01.3Added : Now can save GIF format images(2-256 colours)New Format : Now can Read PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Images - All types up to 32bit Interlaced or not. Now can Write PNG 1,4,8 or 24bit Files.Changes : Now includes inbuilt save routine so that new save formats can be added without the calling program needing to know what formats are available or what to do with them.BugFix : Now traps attempts to save 2-colour images in formats that don't support them (Jpeg). Previously this would cause a system error, now it will just pop up a message telling you off! (Note - Save 2-colour images in PBM BMP or TIFF Format). If you try to save a 2-Colour image in PBMPlus 24bit or Greyscale format it will automatically save as a B&W.pbm file. BugFix : Squashed a nasty bug in libtiff that could fill the screen with dozens of error messages when using JBrowse on a directory of Tiff files all containing a unknown tag.BugFix : Squashed several bugs in the 16 colour code.


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