BSAReg 1.0

Beschreibung: BSAReg 1.0 by ghostwheelMarch 14, 2003The Elder Scrolls 3 BSA archive registration utilityThis utility will find all BSA files in the Morrowind's "Data Files" folderand add them to the [Archives] section of the morrowind.ini file (if theywere not there already). Also it will remove any references from [Archives]section to the BSA files that are no longer exist in the "Data Files" folder.If morrowind.ini [Archives] section is up-to-date, program will just displayappropriate message and exit.Utility can be run from anywhere, since it looks for Morrowind's installationin the registry.Attention modders:Feel free to bundle this utility into any mod distribution that uses BSAarchives in order to simplify process of registering BSA archives for users.Also, I included short description of the utility into the About box, so thereis no need to bundle this readme.txt - bsareg.exe is enough.


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